Joined The Mother Ship

VMware Heaven!

To all those interested, I am excited to say that I’ve been recently recruited by VMware to work as a Technical Support Engineer for the Business Critical Support team in VMware’s Broomfield office.

This is amazing news for me and my readers for many reasons: new information, new knowledge, new resources, and new issues. All of these mean that this blog will hopefully be picking up in production and provide more inside looking into VMware’s virtualization products.

I will continue to provide solutions and issue resolution on various technologies, but now with a more solid VMware focus. In working with the cases that I anticipate to be facing with some of our more high-profile customers, I will be taking careful note for tips and tricks as well as streamlined or custom approaches to resolving and preventing issues.

This is an exciting time for me and I hope that my readers will continue to benefit from the knowledge that I will continue to share here.

Keep checking in for more Virtualization Goodness!




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